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Pink + White Microfiber Hair Towel

Pink + White Microfiber Hair Towel

The secret of beautiful, soft and healthy hair lies not only in the cosmetics used. Therefore, be sure to check out our lightweight and comfortable hair turban. Not only your hair will love it, but also you! Perfect for whatever type of bands you have. Thanks to it, you can easily take care of your strands, and they will reward you with a beautiful appearance in return.


Product Information

You do not have to worry when your hair dries for quite a long time and the hot air of the dryer dries it excessively and damages it. The turban will drain excess water, shortening the drying time and without damaging the structure of the strands. In addition, it does not fall, it does not develop, and you can go about your own business during this time. No more drooping strands on the face during the evening make-up removal and no more water running down the neck! The shape and structure make it easy to put on the head, and the 2 buttons allow you to adjust the turban to avoid the unpleasant feeling of pulling your hair. Are you a fan of night care? You can sleep well. The turban protects the pillow during hair oiling and makes the oil penetrate deeper into its structure. Thanks to it, the current hair care will become easy and pleasant.

How to use:

1. Tilt your head forward. 2. Put a towel on and place your hair in the middle of it . 3. Roll it up and pin it at the back to make sure it doesn’t unwind.

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