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What is hair porosity?

Hair porosity refers to how tightly your hair cuticle layer is bound. Putting it shorty, the more open the cuticles are, the higher porosity type your hair is, and at the same time the tighter the cuticles are bound to the hair shaft, the lower the porosity type. Hair with higher porosity absorb any substances applied to it in short time, unfortunately it loses moisture just as fast, that is why the hair care treatment applied should nourish the hair, but also seal the cuticles. Whereas, low porosity hair, thanks to the tightly bound cuticles, does not absorb hair care products easily which means the products partially remain on its surface.

Determining your hair type correctly is the first step to taking care of it the right way and selecting the most suitable hair products.

Low porosity hair

Smooth, shiny and flexible. On the other hand it’s very easy to weight it down and take away its volume. Those with low porosity hair do not struggle with unruly strands and hair frizz. They don’t have any problems in combing their hair, but even when they style it, their hair returns to the normal form very fast. To get it “ready to go out” all it needs is washing and drying. This hair type allows getting super glossy and shiny hair style. But you need to be careful to avoid weighting it down and making it flat. 

Low porosity hair cuticles are tightly closed. Its regular structure determines its look and the right way of taking care of it. The products suitable for low porosity hair get easily absorbed into the hair and do not stay on its surface, otherwise they would make it look flat and greasy. Low porosity hair, just like other hair types, needs protection from excessive moisture loss and harmful effect of external factors. And additionally, because of sebum overproduction which usually occurs in case of low porosity hair, it is crucial to remember about washing it properly. Selecting the right hair care products gives low porosity hair the desired volume, smoothness and shine from root to ends.

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Medium porosity hair

It can be wavy, but it’s not the only quality of medium porosity hair. Medium porosity hair combines the qualities of low and high porosity hair. It is neither too dry nor too coarse, but it isn’t particularly smooth either. It is usually quite easy to style. This type of hair can be frizzy, static and difficult to detangle. Its proper care should be based on products dedicated to medium porosity hair and thus please the owners of this type of hair with a beautiful and flawless hairstyle. Medium porosity hair is distinguished by scales slightly raised from the hair shaft. This quality defines its appearance and determines the appropriate method of care. Improper handling of this hair type can result in damaging its internal structure and depriving it of its natural protection against external factors. Those with medium porosity hair should focus on nourishing, moisturizing, strengthening and protecting it. Poorly selected care products may cause loss of volume, contribute to excessive hair loss, and even destroy its internal structure and thus adversely affect its appearance and condition.
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High porosity hair

Fragile, prone to damage, curling or simply curly. These are the usual qualities of high porosity hair. You can get high porosity hair naturally, but it happens that high porosity hair results from improper care, excessive styling, dying or bleaching. It is very often dry, lacking moisture, rough to the touch and dull. It may even seem damaged. It also has a high tendency to frizz, and combing it effectively requires a lot of patience. It is suitable for various types of styling, but its resistance to breaking or splitting ends is rather low, therefore protection and effective hydration are very important in its daily care. High porosity hair is characterized by the most open cuticles. It is this specific structure that defines the way it looks and the type of care it requires. High porosity hair quickly absorbs the applied products, but it quickly loses them as well, therefore its care products should both fill in the inside of the hair and seal its surface. While this type of hair is the most difficult one to turn soft and shiny, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible at all. On the contrary! Properly selected products for high porosity hair combined with appropriate care treatments are able to guarantee its perfect condition, healthy appearance and can bring out what is best in them.
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Which mask should I choose?

You need the Protein Hair Mask if

  • your hair is flat at the root,
  • you cannot add any volume to it,
  • it’s too soft,
  • it looks thinner than it actually is,
  • you cannot style it.
Your hair suffers from protein overload if it is coarse, dull, stiff and if it gets tangled and puffy more frequently than before.

You need the Emollient Hair Mask if

  •  your hair is weighted down,
  • your hair is flat,
  • it looks thin,
  • you want to add some volume to it,
  • you want it to become flexible and shiny,
You have overloaded your hair with emollients if your hair got weighted down, flat and greasy.

You need the Humectant Hair Mask if

  •  your hair is dry,
  • your hair is weak and brittle,
  • you want to moisturize your hair and scalp,
  • you want your hair to be soft and strong.
You have overloaded your hair with humectant products if it lost its volume, it’s hard to comb it and it tends to become frizzy.
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