What is my hair porosity type?

What is my hair porosity type?


Answer a few short questions to learn what hair porosity type your hair is. It’s definitely worth learning in order to know which ingredients have the best effect on your hair. We’ll give you a hand and we’ll help you pick the best line of products for your hair type.

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Is your hair easily weighed down with hair care products?

How long does it take to lighten your hair?

How does your hair feel to the touch?

Is your hair dull or shiny?

Is your hair dull or shiny?

Is it hard to tame your frizzy hair?

Is your hair easy to style?

Does your hair often get damaged?

When you don’t use a hairdryer, your hair dries:

How often do you use a flat-iron or curler?

Does your hair clump up together forming undesired strands?

Does air humidity affect your hair?

A hair tie or a hair clip

Do you dye your hair?

What happens when you apply hair mask or hair oil to your hair?

Does your hair like coconut oil?